Winter Tree Photography with Fairy Lights as a Reminder to Sparkle and Shine

Welcome to Natural Photography Spa to celebrate my favorite time of the year. I love it not because it is time of gift giving and gift receiving, family gatherings and delicious food. I love the end of the year because of the tremendous amount of sparkling tree lights on the streets, and I enjoy watching trees with fairy lights, sparkling like diamonds. They look very cheerful, radiant and festive.

Each tree represents both a fairy tale and a reminder for all of us to always DREAM, BELIEVE, IMAGINE,  HOPE, and, of course,  SPARKLE, and by that I mean LET our OWN LIGHT SHINE.

You can overcome whatever is going on around you if you believe in the light that lives within you.–Justine Edward

Do you believe that you can sparkle and shine any time you want? I hope so.

Let us breathe, smile and sparkle today, shall we?


Tree Fairy Lights


Night Tree Lights


tree photography, light bokeh

 All three pictures with tree photography and  light bokeh were taken in New York City on a cold December day. I’ve also  created some pillow covers and shower curtains with tree abstract photography – you can find them in my Photography Spa shop

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