As a fine art photographer, I want to share with you my new black and white Nature Photography Print Set. Sometimes black and white photography is a very good choice for a wall art in the bedroom, bathroom or living room, don’t you think?

To see in color is a delight for the eye but to see in black and white is a delight for the soul.― Andri Cauldwell

As a health coach, I would like to remind you that our life is our choices but, unfortunately,  most of the time, it is not that simple, it is not only black and white. Here is one of my favorite inspirational quotes:

When we don’t have information, we go to the simplest outlook, to black and white. But then we have to lie to ourselves. Black is never as black as you’re painting it and white is never as white.― Patricia Sun

There are a lot of shades of grey, it we pay attention and look closely. And it is OK if we have too much of chaos, clutter and confusion in our lives, and not enough peace, normality and harmony.

We just need to breathe, smile and be happy….. That too shall pass…..


grey wall art

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Breathe, smile and be happy,

Irina Wardas, fine art photographer, talk radio host and women’s health coach

Copyright © Irina Wardas. All Rights Reserved.

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