Today, let’s try to practice gratitude with Natural Photography, shall we?

I would love to share with you some of my nature photographs and the quote I came across the other day on twitter.

Express gratitude and appreciation for nature. It will sense your regard and respond. –Carl Greer

Do you think you are close to Nature on a regular basis? How often do you spend some time in Nature just looking around closely and being thankful for what you see, smell, feel?

Close your eyes and think about the answers for a moment. Then open your eyes, put aside your iPhone and start breathing.

Inhale… Exhale….Ahhhh….

Keep on breathing.

Breathe in energy, breathe out gratitude.

Breathe in love, breathe out gratitude.

Finally, take a couple of deep breaths and enjoy nature photography with Flower Stamen Macro, White Daisies and Flower in the Rain photographs below.

Do NOT forget to breathe.


 flower meditation


flower meditation

be happy

flower meditation

I hope you are feeling much better right now.

Do you promise to appreciate Nature and not to take everything and everyone around you for granted?

Do you promise to find 5-10 minutes from your busy schedule for spending some time in Nature in order to feel more grounded, in balance and at peace?


Take care  of yourself today,

Irina Wardas, fine art photographer, radio host and women’s health coach

Copyright © Irina Wardas. All Rights Reserved.

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