Tea Photography Meditation to Detox Your Mind

Are you a tea drinker? If you are, you will definitely appreciate this Tea Photography Meditations to detox your mind as well as reduce stress and anxiety. And if you don’t drink tea on a regular basis, it is never too late to try.

Enjoy some of the the pictures from my Kitchen Photography Collection, breathe, smile and be happy.

Tea Photo Meditation

1. Situate the body in a chair, with the back straight. Cup the hot tea mug in the hands at chest level.

2. Bring the cup of tea to the chest. Notice the warmth radiating from the cup. Now touch the cup to the chest. Experience the warmth of the body against the cup. Feel how the breath pushes and recedes against the cup.

3. Close the eyes. Focus on the breath going in and out. See how deep and slow it is possible to breathe. Take three of the slowest, deepest breaths possible. Feel the warm energy of the body pulsing from the bottom of the breath to the top of it.

4. Now open the eyes and lift the cup of tea to the nose. How does it smell? How does the steam feel against the face? Breathe in the warmth, and during the exhale imagine the warmth traveling all the way to the bottom of the feet. Take three breaths in this manner.

5. Lift the tea to the lips and take a sip. Notice how the liquid feels in the mouth and throat. Visualize that warmth traveling all the way to the toes. Take three deep breaths, inhale and exhale, feeling the warmth from the tea traveling down to the feet then up into the head.

6. Repeat sipping the tea, with three deep breaths between sips, until all the tea is gone. Hold the empty cup in the lap, and imagine warmth from the cup radiating outward and warming the entire body. Visualize the body in a cocoon of warmth, like a giant tea mug.

7. Take five deep breaths, in and out, and then open the eyes. Sit still and move gently, to enjoy the effects of the meditation as long as possible. Do not try to get up too fast, as the muscles need time to transition out of the exercise. (author and spiritual director Melissa Roberts)

tea photo meditation

tea meditation

Keep on breathing and smiling….

Irina Wardas, fine art photographer, talk radio host and women’s health coach

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