Are you ready for your Ocean Photo Meditation time? You can use this guided meditation while you are having a good time at the beach or just relaxing at home. You can also purchase Beach Photo Calendars 2016 –  with 20% New Year discount to have your Monthly Ocean Therapy.

The Ocean Photo Meditation will help you reduce stress and anxiety and feel happy for no reason.

ocean waves meditation


Sit comfortable, close your eyes and and imagine yourself on a beach on a sunny Summer day.

Start breathing: inhale/ exhale on a count of 5.

Imagine yourself on warm sand on a Summer sunny day.

Breathe in energy, breathe out frustration…

Breathe in happiness, breathe out our anger…

Open your eyes and look at the Ocean beach photos. Pick the one you like better.

Keep on breathing.

Pay attention to all the details on the picture: colors, shapes, subjects.

Can you smell the ocean?

Can you feel the ocean breeze?

Do you appreciate the warmth of the sun?


ocean waves meditationCan you see the shades of blue of the ocean and shades of brown of the sand?

Keep on breathing.

Close your eyes and try to imagine yourself in this happy place.

Do you feel warmer, happier, more energized?

Open your  eyes, take a couple of deep breaths and get back to your daily routine.

Come back any time you need to escape the reality and visit your happy place.


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Breathe, smile and be happy with one photographic miracle of Nature at a time.

Author: Irina Wardas

Copyright © Irina Wardas. All Rights Reserved.

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