Today, I’d like to share with you a couple of photographs of the Queen Anne’s Lace flowers taken with my iPhone in order  to look at the Queen Anne’s Lace flower closely.  We”ll also try a Queen Anne’s Lace Floral Photography Meditation to reduce stress, feel safer and be ready to follow your dreams.

We all love this very elegant and delicate Summer flower, don’t we? Some people believe that this flower with petals like an umbrella might protect you and  help you catch up with your dreams.

Queen Anne’s Lace Flower Photo Meditation

Sit comfortable, close your eyes and start breathing paying attention to nothing around you, but breathing.

Breathe in – breathe out, breathe in – breathe out…

Open your eyes and look at the photographs of the Queen Anne’s Lace Flower closely.

Keep on breathing….

Pick the one that you like the most at the moment.

Look at the chosen picture paying attention to all the details : colors, shapes, light, shadows.

How are you feeling? Did the picture help you refocus and forget your worries for a moment?

Close your eyes and start breathing paying attention to each breath.

Inhale on a count of 4, exhale on a count 5.

Try to see (imagine) all the details of the flower with your eyes closed.

Keep on breathing….

Now think of  this  Queen Anne’s Lace Flower petals as the wings of an Angel that will protect you and help you feel better. Can you do that?

Keep on breathing and try to smile. You are now safe and are ready to follow your dreams. Can you feel it?

Breathe in – breathe out, breathe in – breathe out…

Open your eyes while breathing and smiling.

Are you feeling better?

Take a couple of deep breaths and get back to your daily routine.

Come back any time…


Queen Anne Lace photo


Queen Anne Lace photo

be happy

Queen Anne Lace photo

Let us always think of this beautiful  flower as our dream catcher and protector, shall we.

P.S. Did you know that this plant is a wild carrot and its roots are edible?

Please let me know how you like this photo meditation.

Have a fabulous day,

Irina Wardas

Copyright © Irina Wardas. All Rights Reserved.

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