Let this springtime photography be a reminder that it’s time to make plans for new beginnings, new challenges, and new changes.

Spring is time to regain you to energy, feel refreshed, prepare for adventures.

So why wait? Why not to try something new that might help motivate you to be happier, heal faster, feel fulfilled and at peace?

Spring is the time of plans and projects.― Leo Tolstoy

Use motivating spring blossom photography of new tree branches, tree blossoms and buds to help you make a your first new small step toward a new and better future and you.

Just sit comfortable, look and these images of spring, and breathe for a couple of minutes.

Then close your eyes and start making plans or thinking of new projects.

P.S. You can do the same exercise outside; you need only stand under a blooming tree with closed eyes for a couple of minutes to get energized and think of all the wonderful things you can be thankful for.

Author: Irina Wardas


Copyright © Irina Wardas. All Rights Reserved.

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