Nowadays, when you look for a piece of art to purchase, you look for certain colors to match your room interior. And sometimes, you buy an artwork and then you need to decide what colors of the room will work best. Agree?

My clients and customers ask me about wall colors to match the artwork they purchased from me so often, that I decided to start a new category on my blog – Interior Colors – with suggestions of color palette inspired by my fine art photography.

Today, I would love to share with you this beautiful photograph of hot pink quince tree blossom in pastel colors that will look fabulous on any bedroom, guest room or bathroom wall. And as you can see, the color palette with color swatches is included.

color palette for home decor


color palette for a bathroom

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Breathe, smile and be happy,

Irina Wardas, fine art photographer, talk radio host and women’s health coach

Copyright © Irina Wardas. All Rights Reserved.

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