Yellow Photography to Beat Seasonal Depression

It is cold outside and we all need a little bit of sunshine to deal with moodiness and seasonal depression, don’t we? Well, I am pretty sure that fine art nature photography with healing color Yellow, the color of the sun might do the trick and can help you beat winter blues and feel better in no time.

So let us turn our heads to the sun and try to feel its warmth right now, shall we?

Healing color Yellow will raise your energy level and cheer you up at least for a while. It will also boost your immunity to deal with colds and flue.

Let fine art prints of beautiful Forsythia, lovely Coneflower and always joyful Ginkgo Biloba Tree help you breathe, smile and be happy right now.

Inhale….. Exhale…. Ahhh…….

nature photography

Are you feeling better already?

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Breathe, smile and be happy,

Irina Wardas, fine art photographer, talk radio host and women’s health coach



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