How are you feeling today?

If you feel stressed out and overwhelmed, Natural Photography Spa with Irina Wardas fine art macro photography will help you relax in no time.

Just wanted to share with you my Iris  picture with healing color blue to help you relax and feel calm and happy.


Apparently, a purple Iris flower symbolizes wisdom and a blue Iris flower symbolizes faith and hope.

So let us be wise enough to always have faith and hope in our lives, shall we?

Take a couple of deep breaths and enjoy the healing of  flowers of nature.


Violet-Spring -FlowerP.S. If you are interested in buying my print with one of my Iris pictures as home wall art decor, just remember that healing color blue is perfect for any room in your house where you want to feel at peace and stress free.

Breathe, smile and be happy with one photographic miracle of Nature at a time.

Author: Irina Wardas
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